10 Characteristics of computer

Characteristics of computer

Characteristics means how many features and qualities included in the system by which users easily work.

The computer is a mixer machine of hardware and software, based upon their work and size they are situated at different places as requirements.

All computers have the same characteristics, some computer is much faster due to their configuration and some are less.

There are some important characteristics of computer:-

  1. Accuracy 
  2. Storage capacity
  3. Speed 
  4. Diligence 
  5. No IQ
  6. Feeling less
  7. Power remembering 
  8. Versatility
  9. Diligence 
  10. Flexibility 
  1. Accuracy 

A human can mistake but computer no, this is possible if you are used a perfect device.

The computer is one of the best machines for accuracy. It’s every point and measurement is 99.9% accurate if machine properly work.it gives always accurate results or every type of calculation.

If any computer is given an error in calculation, this is possible if its configuration or programing mistake due to it show an error otherwise no.

If any error occurs in the computer this is due to the human who has developed the program for them, because computer always works on programs. The accuracy level of the computer is 7. If any inaccurate data shows then you need first fix their programming.

2.Storage capacity

In computer system storage devices are categories into two parts

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary

Storage capacity is very high on a computer. It stores the data on CD, DVD, PENDRIVE, hard disk etc.

The primary storage device is inbuilt in a computer system such as RAM, ROM, and cache memory.

Secondary devices are generally external devices in which computer store the data.


The speed of a computer plays an important role in all computing devices. Speed fully depends upon the configuration of the computer. If you use very heavy parts in computer for built them then its speed is perfect for large software for run.

If we talk about speed, a computer can solve millions of calculations in some seconds. Computer speed is measured in microseconds or nanoseconds.

Computer works as fast as the human mind, the latest gene4ration of processor of Intel is much higher as you want i.e. Intel i7.

Computer speed is measured in gigahertz/gigabytes.


It defines the capacity of a computer for different tasks. If you are your computer at this time for typing or reading but after some time you use the same computer for playing the games, this means one computer machine does all works which is need for you. Multiple operation calculations and different types of programs run in the same device, you don’t need to change the device.

We can easily say that the computer is a multiplatform device which is work for every agency.

5.Power remembering

Computer store several types of data or information into its memory, if you need some information then if you say called you required information or data it is done for you, as long as you required. It is a very helpful device for humans.

Its remembering ability is very fast and unique according to your information, in your computer device thousands of data and files store but the computer can search your file into them from that place where you store them.

6.No IQ

A computer is generally a human-made machine that fully works for a user based upon their instructions. Computer do nothing for you if you not give any command, if any command you gave them then it works according to command you entered, it means computer have no IQ.

Computer machine works user needs and commands of types. We can easily say it is only your soldier for doing your work with your command and requirements.

7.No feeling

Computer works on its mechanical and software system based upon user, it has no any own decision and feeling.

It is free all of human emotions such as taste, emotions, knowledge, and experience.

It shows suggestions for users which are based upon their programing that is feed into them by developers.


Flexibility indicated computer ability for different platforms means computer works in several areas as you like 

  1. Watch videos and movies
  2. Making documents
  3. Write and read anything by using notepad or WordPad
  4. Play games
  5. See images
  6. Run multiple software at the same time.

Except this computer have several types of abilities for working friendly with user.

Features and characteristics of the computer:

Features of computer:

  1. Multiprogramming 
  2. Time-sharing
  3. User friendly 
  4. Multi operating systems
  5. Multitasking

These are some basic features of a computer system.


Computer work multiple programs at the same time. This means you can make documents and same time listen to song/music.

  1. Time-sharing

It is another feature of the computer; the computer used time-sharing in its works.

  1. Multitasking

   Computers perform multiple tasks at the same time for user according to requirements.

  1. Multioperating system

The computer works on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, etc.

According to work a computer uses for user requirements.

10.User friendly 

 The computer device is fully user friendly, a human easily understands its function for doing work with them.


Here we define multiple characteristics of the computer system based upon our knowledge, if you have any doubt please submit your feedback below given comment box.

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