Computer keyboard shortcut keys

Computer keyboard shortcut keys

Computer keyboard shortcuts keys are a very effective way of doing work computer keyboards  there are thousands of shortcuts made for work fastly and efficient way.

Because there is no doubt that computer is the main part of our daily life and to make more easy work with them by these shortcuts.

What is Computer keyboard shortcut keys:-

Computer keyboard shortcut keys made by computer/software making industry and these are the predefined function in a computer system by which when we send command then it works as it defines by developers.

 Types of shortcut keys:- computer keyboard shortcut keys for Windows, Excel, Linux, Word, Internet browser, macOS, and all computer basic keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Microsoft basic keyboard shortcuts
  2. Word keyboard shortcuts
  3. Excel keyboard shortcuts
  4. Outlook keyboard shortcuts
  5. Winkey keyboard shortcuts
  6. Basic computer keyboard shortcuts
  7. F1 – F12  function keyboard shortcuts

Here we define a list of shortcut of keyboards.

1.Basic computer keyboard shortcut keys:—

computer keyboard shortcut keyscomputer keyboard shortcut keys description
ALT+FFile menu open
ALT+TABSwitch between open program
ALT+EOpen edit option
basic computer shortcut keys

CTRL keyboard all shortcuts

Ctrl + ASelect all  files/objects which is appears on screen/window tab
Ctrl + BIt allows you to make bold all the selected text in WordPad/excel/PowerPoint. And beside this it works in different browsers with their different functions. This is used to display the bookmark.
Ctrl + CCopy all files/objects which is appears on screen/window tab
Ctrl + D This is mostly used in browsers to added current site to bookmark.
Ctrl  + ECentre text which is selected by cursor
Ctrl  + FOpen find window (it provides you a finding window at your using screen where you can find any data as you wish.)
Ctrl  + GOpen find in browser
Ctrl  + HReplace word
Ctrl  + IItalic all selected word
Ctrl  + JDownload view in browser
Ctrl  + KIt has various uses, depending on software’s. Or Make hyperlink for highlighted any word
Ctrl + LSelect address bar in any browser
Ctrl + MIndent select word
Ctrl + NMake /create a new page in WordPad or Microsoft application and some other software’s. It is also use to open a new tab in internet Browser.
Ctrl + OFor open a new file in currently software
Ctrl + PPrint and document by this command (it is used to open the print preview and after select the command take a print out by printer.  )
Ctrl + RRight align text or reload browser
Ctrl + SFor save document file from any editor such as Microsoft word press.
Ctrl + UIt enables you Underline the any selected text from your software.
Ctrl + VFor paste any copying content which is selected by you. Once you copy any data then by this command you can paste them any no. of times as you need.
Ctrl + WClose the tab in browser
Ctrl + XCut any text
Ctrl + YRedo any object which is move or deleted in  current situation
Ctrl + ZUndo any object in current situation( for example  if you delete an item mistake then by applying this command you are recover them immediately.)
Ctrl + ESC open window in start menu  
Ctrl + F2 select print preview command  
Ctrl + F4Close active window from your screen which is used by you.
Ctrl + F6Open new window in your currently using application.
Ctrl + F9Minimize a window of workbook
Ctrl + F10Maximize a selected workbook
Ctrl +  PAGE UPMove to previous sheet
Ctrl + PAGE DOWNGo to next sheet
Ctrl +  TABOpen in tab
Ctrl + SHIF + !Apply number format
Ctrl + SHIF + $Apply currency format
Ctrl +  SHIF + #It enables to date format
Ctrl + SHIF + %It enables to  Percentage format
Ctrl + SHIF + @It enables to Time format
Ctrl + spaceSelect entire column in worksheet
control keyboard shortcut keys

Microsoft Excel shortcut keys

F2 Edit active cell
F5Display Go to box
F11Create chart data in new sheet
F7Open spelling dialog box
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + BBold text
Ctrl + KHyperlink dialog
Ctrl + IItalic work
Ctrl + 5Strike through formatting
Ctrl + UIt enables you Underline the any selected text from your software.
Ctrl + ZUndo any object in current situation( for example  if you delete an item mistake then by applying this command you are recover them immediately.)
Ctrl + YRedo selected object( for example  if you delete an item mistake then by applying this command you are recover them immediately.)
Ctrl + CCopy content
Ctrl +  ALT + 1Change heading 1 text
Ctrl + ALT +  2Change heading 1 text
Ctrl + ALT + 3Change heading 1 text
Ctrl + SHIFT + DCurrent date insert.
Ctrl + SHIFT + TCurrent time insert.
Ctrl +
Ctrl +
microsoft excel shortcut keys

CTRL+ A – select all content of a working sheet including text and images with this command. You have not to need to select them one by one.

CTRL+ C – copy all selected content of a working sheet including text and images.

CTRL+ F – open the find and replace option on the allows you to find or replace any word/object by applying this command after searching them.

CTRL+ G   – this keyboard shortcut open then “Go To “option.

CTRL+ I –   is allows you to change the format of word in italic format the entire selected item.

CTRL+ S – save all files with one click on which you are working.

CTRL+ U – It allows you to underline the selected text or word from editor by using this command such as Microsoft WordPad.

CTRL+ B   – – It allows you to Bold the selected word from any software such as Microsoft WordPad

CTRL+ P   – print then current open document file from printer and also view its preview in your screen after this gave a command you also a print out of that document.

CTRL+ O    – open option in window

CTRL+  I   –   It allows you to change the format of a word that is selected by you in the “italic “format after applying this software.

CTRL+ Y    – Redo the currently deleted document

CTRL+  W   – close the document.

CTRL+ k    – insert link

CTRL+  C   – copy all items with images

CTRL+  X   – cut selected items

CTRL+  Z   – undo current deleted or moving element

what is Function keys on the keyboard ?

Function keys are generally define in the keyboard of the computer by  “  F1 – F12  ”.function keys working effect is different from other keys because function keys definition is defined by its name i.e. function means gave a command on a computer to operate the desired function on display.

Function keys are generally appears at top of any keyboard sand start as F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12.Each key have its own function which is define by developers of computer system.

These shortcuts make our experience very interesting in this field. Here these function keys are fully define.


  1. It is also known as help key. Almost every program open with help key pressed on screen.
  2. “Window +  F1 “shortcut open window help centre.


 This key is used with mostly “  CTRL, ALT, SHIFT  “ keys.

  1. ALT + CTRL + F2 open a new document in Microsoft word.
  2. CTRL + F2this keyboard shortcut display print preview on screen.


This key is related with many programs in windows.

SHIFT + F3 are used in Microsoft word for change the pattern of letter/word from small to capital and capital to small.


ALT + F4 = close currently open window from screen.


this function keyboard shortcut is mostly used as refresh key.


this key is used in window to move the cursor in Firefox Brower.

CTRL + SHIFT + F6 are used to open Microsoft word document.


mostly used for grammar check in Microsoft apps such as Microsoft word, outlook etc.


F8 function key is used to access safe mode when your computer is in boot mode working.


This shortcut is used to open the measurement tool bar.


for active the menu bar in programs. And SHIFT+ F10 is the same as right clicking in a highlighted icon.


It is used for full screen mode in the latest browsers. If you are exit from full screen then again press and then your full screen mode in disable.


  SHIFT + F12 =   to save the word document.

          Simply press F12 = open inspect in chrome/dev. tool bar.

Window keyboard shortcut

WINDOW + H = open share charm

WINDOW + M   = minimize your all window

WINDOW + D = close all window tab

WINDOW + G = open game

WINDOW + S = open search

WINDOW + I  = open setting shortcut

WINDOW + enter = open narrator

WINDOW + K  = connect with quick launch

WINDOW + R  =open RUN box

WINDOW + L  = lock and switch your pc

WINDOW + prtscn = take a screenshot of computer display

WINDOW + Tab = open task view

Outlook keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + A  = Send the emails.

Ctrl + X  = Cut all selected items.

 Ctrl + C = Copy all files/objects which is appears on screen/window tab

Ctrl + Z = Undo any object in current situation( for example  if you delete an item mistake then by applying this command you are recover them immediately.)

Ctrl + Y = Redo all items

Ctrl + U  = underline selected section

Ctrl + B  = bold selected section

Ctrl + N  = create a new email

Ctrl + O  = open the outbox

Ctrl + F  = forward an email

Ctrl + I  = Italicize a item

Ctrl + P  = open print dialog box

Ctrl + SHIFT + A = create new appointment in your calendar

Ctrl + SHIFT + I  = open your inbox

Ctrl + SHIFT + C =   create a new contact

Ctrl + SHIFT +  J = make a new journal entry.

Ctrl + SHIFT + O =  open outbox

Ctrl + SHIFT + K =  new task add.

Winkey Keyboard shortcut

WINKEY + TAB—cycle through open program on taskbar

WINKEY + SHIFT + M—undo the minimize

WINKEY + D—bring desktop to the top of the windows

WINKEY + M—minimize all windows

WINKEY + E—open Microsoft explorer

WINKEY + F1—display Microsoft window

WINKEY + U—open utility manager

WINKEY + CTRL+F—display search computer window

WINKEY + L—lock the computer


Here we define a lot of keyboard shortcut keys which is very helpful in your daily life. If any doubt with any above write keyboard shortcut keys please leave your comment in the below given comment box.

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