Increase pc performance with 10 easy step

Increase pc performance with 10 easy step.

New Computer or latop performace is slow after sometimes. So increase pc performance  your must follow these rules.

A discussion of whole cover steps for increasing the pc performance.

  • Close all backgrounds apps from your computer or laptop, this step gives you a better performance in your systems.
  • Disable startup apps
  • Uninstall unwanted apps
  • Delete temporary files with %temp% command
  • Delete unwanted software
  • Disable automatically updates
  • Clean your c-drive
  • Clean up your disk
  • Do not load heavy software
  • Install the latest updates
  • Make up to date your pc and all its apps
  • Optimize your disk
  • Change power plane
  • Make your pc neat and clean
  • Upgrade system memory
  • Reset you pc.
  • Some important steps are also given for gaming pc for increasing their performance

For increasing your pc performance here full guide is given by applying these steps your pc is works like a rocket. some setting are made your pc slow but when you solve these setting your pc work more efficiently.

Pc performance is take a good energy for doing the work with them but when our pc could not word properly then our confidence is too slow working with them. So everyone deserve work better with your existing pc.

Follow these steps which are given below:-

1. increase pc performance by “Disable unnecessary startup apps “

your pc speed is too slow because some unwanted app are automatically start in your computer when you power on in your pc. First of all disable all these apps from task manage.

Open task manager by typing task manager in search box .

Then go to startup apps and disable everyone but excluding ( microsoft apps and graphics and antivirus app)

task manager startup apps
task manager startup apps

When this step is complete then you check you pc performance is grow a little bit when you turn on your computer then your computer start early.This is the first step for increasing pc performance.

2.increase pc performance by uninstall unwanted apps:-

In our pc, some unwanted apps are automatically installed from the browser when we download your software so these apps affect our pc performance due to make a space in our computer we need to uninstall these unwanted downloaded apps. then our pc performance increase much more.

right click on window icon appear on left side screen in our pc

select “Apps and  features”

then a new popup window is open

 and here you see right side above  “Programes  and features

click on them and

 you reaches a place where you uninstall apps  and all check all unwanted apps and right click

and select uninstall.

delete windows apps
delete windows apps

Here you delete all unwanted apps now your pc performance is increased much more and second thing is that your disk space automatically increases so this is a plus point of this step.

3.Now our next step is delete unneccesary file and follow Increase pc performance with 10 easy step:-

When we run our computer then some unwanted files are made by our system for its history as well as cache.first we need to delete these types of files. And you notice there is a lot of effect on your pc performance. Increase pc performance and create a lot of space in your disk.

Now we need to click    “WINDOW key+R” and a popup box is comes up this is called  RUN and here you type “  %temp%   ” and press enter .  and click continue

%Temp% files
%Temp% files

Then  you see a lot of files here. These are the temporary files which is created by system automatically.

Select all these files and delete all files if any other permission needed then click continue again ok.

  • In our next step click the same  “  WINDOW+R “  and type only   “  temp  “ and press enter and continue and apply same above step delete all files by selecting them.
  • Again press “  WINDOW+R “ and type “  prefetch “   and repeat above step and delete all files
temp files
temp files

      After cover, all these steps here you will see there is a must faster you pc if we compare with the initial stage of your pc.  Increase pc performace is generally dependent upon our pc configuration but these steps make a lot of sport to increase your pc performance.

  • 4. Our next step is  “  clean up disk  “  :-

Our pc disk is main part of our computer beause all task are performe here beause its gives space every software and app.

Some time our disk is full of files and there is no space. so first we clean this

 Now go to your “ c drive “  and right click on them and select properties here you will find

“ disk cleanup “ and click on them and select unwanted temporary files with unwanted data which is not store by you.

And at last lick on clean up and gave your system confirmation.

Now your pc disk is fully clean and work more efficiently .

Our last step is “  disable background update “ from our pc

5. Increase pc performance by “ disable background updates ”:-

Now you are go to your service control menu from you computer by typing “ service  “ in your search box

  • Here you find window update
  • And right-click on them and select properties
  • Select manual
  • Stop the service which is show start
  • Now after select manual Apply them.

6.Install only good quality and protected apps :-

Some people do not take this seriously and they install apps and software anywhere but we suggest you apps and software are install only trusted place and website which is verified by a trusted agency. And which create a protected environment for visitors. i.e Microsoft store, google play store and such other types of companies.

Some apps are not directly taken by its owner because they are theft or sometimes they are corrupted by hackers and this situation some 3rd parties websites are hiring them and put their websites and when any visiters go for download them then a virus or other unwanted files are downloads with original files.

That’s why download only games and software with trusted platform.

7. Upto date your Antivirous:-

If you are using antivirus in your system then no matter your antivirus which company but matter how it protects you from viruses and malware.

All companies are good because they do everythink to protect their customers system

But our resposibilty is to keep upto date our antivirous.

8.  create space in your hard drive:-

your hard drive some time full of software and files.their is no space to run efficiently

so first of all keep cleaning your hard drive always. If it is full then your computer or laptop performance is always slow until it is full with files keep clean them and make a lot of space in them. And your pc is automatically run fast.

Here you notice that when you computer  disk space is full  then all files are move or copy very slowly because your pc have not enough space to run smoothly.

9.Performaing a window defender offline scane:-

Sometimes our pc is full of malware and virus that’s why our system does not work smoothly. And gave you hang on problems after some time. If this problem occurs a long times then our pc is break and is components are break due to the virus. But if this is shown in your pc then

We recomanded you to to overcome this problem you should run window defender in offline mode

The mode here you are first going to your window defender system and select scan and here an option Is popup that runs”   offline scan  “  now after closing all running apps from the desktop of your pc click on run offline scan in your window defender.

When you do this then your computer or laptop is going to power off or restart several times because it checks every file from your system and if any virus found then destroyed then from their place and make your computer performance is fast.

To increase your performance here we discuss many points.if these increase your performance tips is not work on your computer then your system is needed a computer machinic or engineer to make efficient than by replacing some parts in them.

10. Install latest update:-

Sometimes due to the older version of our apps and window our computer does not work fastly now we need to update our window.

Here two or three way to update you window.

  • Go to your setting in your system and slelct update in window.

This is a very simple way to update your system.but sometimes our all apps are up to date but our window version is not up to update our window version we write all steps in the next point.

11. Update by using update assistance of Microsoft.

This tool is more hepfull to u-pdate your pc in latest version.

Simply download this tool and install it in your system from Microsoft official website, and then check to updates by using the updating tool.

Now of your pc need to update then it automatically start update your pc .

And install all updated data from the Microsoft officially website.

(c) by using disk image:–  this Is a another type of method to update your pc in easy way

You see youtube videos on this topic then you are all confirmed.

By using above some thing your pc is upto date with lates version and run efficiently.

12.Update device drivers:-

For increasing your pc performance device drivers play an important role because all programs are run generally drivers and if these drivers are not up to date then you pc shows error as like show hanging problem and some other problems.

To confirm then that all drivers are updated or not you just type  “ Device Manager “  in the search box and go then now check every software is up to date or not.

13.Reset your device:–

This is also a better step to overcome the pc problem then reset your whole system and now if you are doing this, all your system settings are replaced and reset and your computer looks like a new device so reset your computer and make them fast.

Now your pc work as a rocket check them it show much more improvement now.

 if your are using a gaming pc then for increase pc performance for gaming there is need mainly two things

1.advanced processor

2.GPU ( graphics card )

3.Heavy motherboard

Above written three things are most important for you pc if you are using your pc for gaming.

  1. Advanced processor:-

The processor play a important role in our pc so if our processor is hardly or powerful working then our pc performance is very fast. Purchase a heavy or powerful processor for your computer system ( i5 or i7 with the latest generation )  then your pc is working smoothly with game playing. because without heavy processor your pc is lagging and does not give you enough performance in gaming time.

Firstly you need this.

  • GPU (Graphics Card ):-

Graphics card is another big requirement for gaming PC. Buy a highly budget graphics card if you are playing heavy games on your PC. Graphics card is much important as CPU so do this and make your pc is powerful with gaming.

Here some tips are given for  Gaming  Pc when your applying this technique then your pc performance increase much more  : –

  1. Update your graphics card
  2. Update your graphics driver
  3. Increase performance with optimizing tool or software’s
  4. Create too much space in your computer disk
  5. Replaced your HDD with SSD
  6. Replaced old and slow performace processor with a high-speed processor
  7. Using original things with a trusted company as like intel and other popular company AMD

Conclusion:– now we are reaching at a conclusion that clean up your pc and all its component, with the latest version. you pc never slow if you are taking care of all things which are necessary for them. If you are fully care of your pc then its always working fine.

I  hope all the step which I have written in the above section is very helpful for increase pc performance a lot of bits.

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