Input output devices of computer

Input output devices of computer

Input device is used to give the command CPU “processor” and output devices are used to work on input commands and display the result.

Input and output both terms are different according to their work. Input devices only work if you want to give the command on computer otherwise not.

Output devices fully depend upon the input devices because they do nothing but follow the processor output and display them.

In between output and input devices processor work and shows the result after processing them according to the user input.

Some devices work only as a input and some as an output, but in modern world, there are some devices which work on both takes simultaneously i.e touch screen.

Touch screen is a device which is used both of the cases input and output. Because on single screen we show input as well as output.

Working condition of these devices:

Suppose we gave the input by using keyboard e.g. if we press any key then this command behaves as an input for computer CPU system and then computer CPU read the command which is given by me. And then processing is start and processer sends the commands several parts of the computer and a resultant output is ready for them.then by using computer components it sends to the output devices to display as a result.this is called output.

Those devices who display them known as output devices.

In Modern world there are different types of input and output devices which are shown below:-

Both quality ( “Input and output” ) devices:

  1. Touch screen
  2. Network card
  3. Modem
  4. Headset 
  5. Fax 
  6. Soundcard

Input devices of computer:

  1. Camera
  2. Graphics tablet
  3. Joystick
  4. Keyboard
  5. Mouse
  6. Scanner
  7. Microphone
  8. Touchpad
  9. OMR
  10. Puch card reader
  11. Input pen
  12. Trackball 
  13. Barcode reader

output devices of computer

  1. Speakers
  2. Monitor
  3. Projector
  4. Headphone
  5. Plotter
  6. Printers

output devices:

  1. Monitor

Monitor is a led screen of computer on which the output is shown.

Monitors have several sizes according to the requirements of the user. monitor looks like a tv screen but its functionality is much different from the television.

Computer monitor is generally observed as a how much pixels are there. Higher the pixel then quality is much higher, if the quality is too low then the appers screen show a very bad picture on the screen.


Monitors are two types

  1. LCD monitor
  2. CRT monitor 

When any output is shown in the screen it is called the softcopy, because it can not be printout and after some next command it disappears.

  1. Projector 

A projector is nothing but an electronic system which is used to show the output at a small/big screen.

Projector generally receives the data from the computer and display them at a another screen that is called whiteboard/white screen.

Projector does not do another work beside this, the projector is connected through a wire or wirelessly with the computer system.

 A projector 

is not directly accept any from any user but it works on computer instructions.

  1. Speakers

    Speaker is used for listening the sound which is play by system or other equipment. speaker receives the signal from computer machine and show its sound as an output.

Speaker is a music device which is used to listen the music songs.

The above write information is very useful.

Input devices:

You are know all about the keyboard and mouse, so we did not mention both devices.but here we mention some important devices.

  1. Camera

The camera is used for capturing the video or picture/ is an input device which is used to record things and visible objects. It is also connected with the computer by using a simple wire.

  1. Joystick

It is used for playing games in computer systems.

It Is also an input device by which we gave instructions slightly touch and back and forth and give instructions to the system for playing games.

Joystick is just like a small handle for controlling the games, it is very useful for players who make the carrier in computer gaming.

  1. Scanner 

Scanner is also an input device by which we scan any document or object to take the output at a screen.

Scanner has many types based upon their work, generally all the applications as like PAYTM, PHONE PE used scanner for paying the money when any user scan any QR CODE.

It is also used for scan BAR CODE.

  1. Microphone

Microphone is an input device which is used for give input through voice. Google assistance is used our phone microphone for take input.

Microphone is used in mobiles and computers. Microphone is generally two types

  1. Wireless microphone
  2. Wired microphone

Wireless microphone:- This type of microphone waves for recording the voice. There is no wire.

Wired microphone:- This microphone using wire for recording .there is a limitation for using them due to wire connection. You do not go as far.

  1. Input pen

Input pen is used to give input via pen in some electronic computer and also used for educational purpose.

Input pen is work electronically and give the input according to the user.

Here we define that device which is used both types of input and output.

Both quality ( “Input and output” ) devices:

  1. Touchscreen 

Touchscreen is the best daily life example for these types of items. Android phone screen is best for understanding these types of device.

When we use my android phone then we give the input by our touch screen and out output also show on the same screen.

Touchscreen is generally used in computer systems, mobile phones, laptops etc.

  1. Headset 

Headset is another daily life example for these types of products. In our phone or computer headset, there is both system work i.e microphone and speaker for listening sound which is come from the computer or our mobile device.


Headset is also two types based upon uses

  1. Wired  (a wire is a plug into the device for taking output)

2. Wireless (there is not any types of wire is using)


Here we define several types of input/output devices if any questions occure in you mind please comment below comment box.

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