Parts of computer

Parts of computer

Here we provide About the information on all parts of computer with Devices. And overall computer parts Glossary. All important information is covered here.

Computer is an electronic machine and work fast from a saves our working time and also energy. Compare to human it does not make mistakes.










Computer is an electronic machine which is used for technical and electronically research.

The basic parts of computer are shown in below given picture.

Parts of computer
Parts of computer

Here we write some basic parts of computer:–

  1.  Monitor screen
  2. Keyboard
  3. Cpu ( central processing unit )
  4. Mouse
  5. Printer
  6. Cpu

Basically computer are define types

  1. Software
  2. Hardware

Software:— software is generally working under computer machine by using computer hardware cannot be touch by human but only see on computer screen

Hardware – Hardware is the part of computer on which a software is is touch by human i.e. mouse, keyboard monitor etc.

But computer parts are measure into two ways according to its working

  1. Input
  2.  Output

Input:— input parts are used to give the command in computer for working .These parts are mouse and keyboard

Output—After given command/input than after some processing computer shows the result of input command on its screen that is called output. Output devices are generally monitored screen in computer.

Here we define the one by one all the parts of computer separately:–

  1. .Input Devices:

Input devices help use to giving instruction to the computer.


  1. the keyboard is the main part of computer because mostly input is given to the system by it.
  2. By typing some words, symbols, and numbers we giving the input.
  3. The keyboard is a hardware device of the computer and there are several keys.
  4.  Keyboard are generally many types in prices rang and keys rang
  5. Some keyboard has 101 keys but another keyboard has 104,106 keys
  6. Keyboard prices start with generally 200rs – 10000rs.

For more information about keyboard shortcut keys click here.

Mouse: –

  1. The mouse is generally used to point any object on the computer screen
  2. It is also is known as a pointing device.
  3. A mouse works as an input device.
  4. The mouse has several works in the computer system like pointing, highlighting, playing games, etc.
  5. A mouse is also a mechanical device.
  6. On the mouse surface, there are two buttons are working that are known as “ right-click + left click”
  7. There are also scroll button works by which you are going up and down in computer screen documents.
  8. By using a mouse you open any file just double click on them.
  9. The right button are generally use to open the option of related file/program/application.

CPU:- central processing unit

  1. Cpu is the main part of the computer and generally it also known as the mind of the computer.
  2. All the processing is done by the CPU system.
  3. Cpu is work between the input device and output device.
  4. CPU made by using several parts i.e. motherboard, hard disk, memory, etc.
  5. Without a CPU system computer not work so it is the most and powerful device in all the computer components.


It is also a part of computer system. Joystick is generally used for playing games in computer sytems.when we move joystick then it passes the information to the computer.


  1. The scanner is generally counted as a part of a computer system.
  2. A scanner is an external device.
  3. It scans the files and pictures/images and turns them into photocopy/copies.
  4. With the help of this device we create several copies of a single object.
  5. Scanner are two types
  6. Electronic scanner (print all the object electronically)
  7. INK working system (it uses ink to print any files/objects.

              2).  Output devices:-

Monitor :-

  1. The monitor is nothing but a screen like a TV.
  2. All the output is shown on it that’s why it is called an output device.
  3. Without a monitor, you cannot see your output so it makes a lot of help to complete the computer help component.
  4. The monitor is several types are just like a TV/LED/LCD screen.
  5. In today’s technology we are using our LED TV as a monitor. Because all the systems of a monitor it fulfilled.


  1. The printer is an output device that is used to print the output of any object and program.
  2. And the resulted output is known as a printout.
  3. It works on both system inking and electronically.
  4. The printer is the basic need in today’s world.


  1. You are known all about the is an output device that is using to produce a sound which is given to the system into it.
  2. With the help of this you are listening to song/speech.
  3. Speakers are the several types based upon their quality.


Headphone is just work like a speaker. The main difference in both of them its size and sound.

  1. The headphone gives you low volume sound but the speaker produces a lot of sounds.
  2. Headphone size is generally small like a mic.but speaker size is big as a big wall.

After completing all these input output devices we go to some important parts of computer.

These parts are called storage devices:-

What is storage devices?

All the input and output are stored in computer other parts that are called storage devices.

Storage devices are many types:-

In modern technology there are many storage devise for computer system which is work on the basis of using.

Eg:-  hard disk, floppy disk, compact disc,

3). Storage devices:-

Hard disk:-

  1. The hard disk is also the main part of the computer system which is using for storage files/applications/software.
  2. It is the internal part of the computer because put inside the computer system.
  3. It made up of one or more metallic disks.
  4. It stores a large amount of information.
  5. Hard disk size varies on the requirements of the systems.
  6. Hard disk size starts with approx. 150 GB to 6 TB.
  7. We are put several hard disks in one computer based on our requirements.

Floppy disk:-

  1. A floppy disk stores small amount of information.
  2. Floppy disk size too low compare to hard disk.
  3. It is only work when it is inserted into the floppy drive.
  4. Floppy drive a fixed part of the CPU.

Inside a computer system:–

Inside a parts of computer system there are different types of parts like motherboard,RAM,ROM etc.

By using these parts computers work like a chain. All the parts a dependent to each other and interconnected. With the help of the processor all the parts of the computer are in the next series we learn more about them.

  1. Motherboard :-

The motherboard is the main circuit and functional part of the computer system. On the motherboard plate all the important parts are attached as like CPU, Ram, ROM, CONNECTORS, DRIVERS, USB PORTS, EXTERNAL DEVICES PORTS, etc. Generally Motherboard is connected to every part of the computer directly or indirectly.

Here a picture of a motherboard a given below.

  • CPU :- processor

The processor is also called the central processing unit. It is located inside the motherboard frame and connected through a wire to the motherboard. Some time is known as the brain of the computer. Everything you do in computer firstly goes to the processor that it decides what is to do.

Cpu size is generally 2-3 inch. And it is fit in motherboard socket area. A processor measure millions of the commands and instructions per second.

CPU speed is depend upon its core and computer components. If the CPU works fastly but computer component are heavier then CPU will be crash due to load.

  •  Ram: Random access memory

Ram is main part of the computer also called a short-term memory because it hold or store the information when it process.The storing memory is not permanent but temporarily.

If you have more ram in your system then your processor performs more tasks at the same time in your system.

If the computer is switched off suddenly and you do not save your work in the computer then all the data are lost due to temporarily working on the ram. But when you store your data then it goes to the hard disk and stores permanently.

I hope you are all understand all the parts of computer system. If you have any doubt then comment in below section.

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