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Software characteristics

software characteristics
software characteristics

What is software?

Software is a collection of program that is developed for doing a particular work. The software includes some functions and programming which is helps to the user doing their work easily. The software has several types of functions for doing work. The software development process is a very simple activity.

All software’s are developed according to the users need and working area pressure. After developing the software it goes to testing to check the errors and fault in programming, if any error found then it is removed from them and finally developed software sends to the user.

Software has some characteristics which are shown its ability.

What are the software characteristics?

Software characteristics define the working ability of the software, how much it should be work continuously with any error or misbehave.

Characteristics of software:

Software characteristics are categories to check them into six ways.

  1. Functionality of software
  2. Efficiency of software
  3. Software Maintainability
  4. Reliability of software
  5. Software Usability
  6. Software Portability 

1. Functionality of software:

The functionality of software refers to the ability of programming for better performance.

If a Software functionality is good then it show following criteria


If the software functionality is proper design then its accuracy is perfect. Accuracy is known as the correctness of the given solution by software.


Suitability is another part of functionality if developer do functioning with proper programming then the software is always suitable for every platform. 


Security always depends upon the proper programming, because computer science fully depends upon the programming, and all its components are developed by the programming, now if proper functionality is given by the system for security then it good for software.



2. Efficiency of software:-

Efficiency means how much the software is efficient for doing any work. Efficiency shows the ability of the software and the manner of working of any particular software.

Efficiency of software shows the following points:-

In time:-

This means the software is efficient to complete the work in a given time.

  • In resources:-

This means how much the software utilizes the resources for doing the work. 

3. Software Maintainability:-

In simple language maintainability refers to the modification in software functionality to increase the performance of the software for better work in limited time.

Maintainability of Software follows these points:-


The testability of software refers to how much software is performing the operations without any error for the future.

  • Stability

It refers to how much software functions are stable at the time of work with the latest technologies and new arrival problems.

  • Changeability

Changeability means at the time of future the software is ready to change in its functionality for solving the latest problems in the same efficient way.


Software analysability means, the software is ready to analyse for future problems. 

 All the above-given criteria is fully depend upon the functionality of the software that developers placed the right programming in the software to solve the latest arrival problems in the future. 

4. Reliability of software:-

Reliability of software bears the following conditions of the software

  1. Recoverability: – if the software is performing any operation than suddenly it stops working due to some causes if you start the software again then “it is efficient to recover the same situation “where it stops working.

Or how much software is efficient to recover its starting point after any fault.

  • Fault tolerance:-

Fault tolerance shows the software capability that how much it performs after any fault is occur into its functionality.


Maturity shows the software functioning cleaning ness for easily understandable by the user. Software maturity gives a neat and clean interface for the user to easily understand

5.Software Usability:-

The usability of software indirectly shows the “efforts for doing the work “with software.

This means how much software is user-friendly. If you need more effort to work with any software then its usability is not user friendly.

Software usability follows the given criteria:-


This function shows the software working experience with users, because it is easy to understand then user working easily; otherwise, it is not simple to user for common users.

  • Learnability:-

Learnability shows the software is easy to learn about its functioning and programing for users, because if any error has occurred in software then the user’s it easily understand by which fault this problem occurs in the software.

  • Operability:-

If any software is easy to operate then it is easily understandable by users.

6. Software Portability:-

It shows how the software is ready to change its environment form one to another, due to the latest technology, and how much it is ready to changing its programming to understand future problems. 

Important points for software portability:-


This is another property of the software to show its ability after changing its environment form one platform to other platforms.

  • Installability

It shows the software capacity that the software is ready to install on every environment and platform according to the situations.

  • Replaceability:-

Software is easily replaced according to the environment for better performing.

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