Types of computer cables

Types of computer cables

computer cables are used for sending the data from one system to another system. These cables are used based upon the requirements of users.

Here we define some types of cables:

  4. PS/2 CABLE

These cables are used with different ports for different purposes. If we require charging the phone then we use different but if we want to connect the android phone with computer internet then for this purpose a different cable is used.

Here we define all the cables one by one:

VGA cable:

VGA cable is generally used for connecting computer monitor with its CPU, for connecting LED TV. This cable is generally put behind the CPU or TV.

 VGA cable mad with 15 pins arranged with 3 rows. These three-row general define the display colours i.e. Green, RED, BLUE.

These types of cables are easy to use with a very low cost. The main purpose of this cable to transfer the signals from CPU to monitor as an output.

vga cable
vga cable

DVI cables:

These types of cables are used to connect video card with the Monitor to see highly HD quality video with video card. If you are using this cable then there is no any disturbance created with quality, even you watch full quality videos and images.

This cable work on transfer digital signal with an analogue signal to television or computer system.

Here two types of DVI cables:

  1. DVI-1 ( it is used for older monitors and LCD monitor televisions )
  2. DVI-D ( It is a pure digital signal cable over DVI-1)
dvi cable
dvi cable

HDMI Cable

It is also known as High definition media interface (HDMI). main purpose behind using this cable to transmit the highest quality signal for playing different quality audio and video signals.HDMI cable use in digital setup box with high-quality TV programs and also used for the DVD players and other electronic devices. Mostly famous device which is used this HDMI cable from a long time is AV device sets. There is no need several cables for different types of data sends as like audio or video, but this single cable is enough for this. This cable is capable for both of things to transmit simultaneously.

hdmi cable
hdmi cable


  Ethernet cables are used to connect internet services via wire.so we can say that it is a network port for a computer and its related to all devices which have these types of ports.

Ethernet cable is not more stable for transmitting high-quality internet signals, because if you increase the length of this cable then the network speed highly affected and the connection is too slow but if we use too small wire then the speed of the network is a very good strength. This is another disadvantage of this cable.

In the market there are different types of cables are present in the market. In preview, this cable is very simple to see but under them, more cable is used if we compare the different types of cable such types i.e. phone cables.

Ethernet cable port in computer is put on the motherboard backside of computer CPU. If we talk about the price of this cable that is very low cost but for a high-quality product you must pay high.

Ethernet Cable
Ethernet Cable

PS/2 cable:

PS/2 cables are generally used for the connecting computer external devices i.e. computer mouse, computer keyboard and other peripheral devices as like printer, camera and other different speakers.

If we talk about the length it is very enough you can easily work with them.

But at present time this cable is fully replaced by used cable in mouse and keyboard. Latest technologies is fully changes this cable type, but you see this cable in old systems, and its port are generally visible behind the CPU.

PS2 Cable
PS2 Cable

USB Cable:

USB cable is the most popular cables in present world due to mostly system is converted these types of cables. It is used at several places even phone charging cable to computer peripheral connector.

There are two types of this cable i.e. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

It is very easy to use and the price is very low even 60-70 INR in Indian currency.

Uses of this cable:

  • Input devices of computer mostly connected by this cable as like keyboard, mouse, camera, scanner, and all gaming equipment’s.
  • Wife cable and other mechanical machine is generally connected with is cable.
  • One end of the cable is connected to the object which is used and other end connected with the system.
  • All mobile device are connected with the help of this cable, mobile charger cable is mostly replaced with this cable.
  • All types of USB cable have their different work for uses which is fully depending upon the requirements of the user.
USB Cable
USB Cable

3.5 MM Audio cable:

 This cable is mainly used as a mobile device connector for connecting the microphone, AUX wired lead and mic.

This cable is also used with computer of connecting microphone, headphone and speakers. One end of the cable is directly connected with the computer and phone and you take output form this.

But in computer motherboard, there are several ports with different colours.

  • Pink color
  • Blue color
  • Green color
3.5mm Audio Cable
3.5mm Audio Cable

Note: – These ports are available both side front and backend of a computer system.

  1. Pink colour:

Pink colour port is used for microphones. You connect input devices such as a microphone and other voice recorders for recording voice.

  1. Blue colour:

This port is generally used for connecting the instrument as like guitar, CD player and other external devices such as DVD player etc.

  1. Green colour:

This port is used for connecting computer speakers and headphones. It port is work as an output device. All the sounds we listen with the help of this port.

Computer power cord cable

This cable is mainly used for monitors of the computer to give the power supply into them for take the output from the CPU.

This cable is connecting one end to Ac power socket and another end connects with the monitor of computer.

USB-C type cable:

This is the type of USB cable for connecting the devices. It is mainly found with Macs and apple product s brand.

Present time it is also available of other company products such as android mobile devices for charging them and other purposes.


Here we define some important cable which is used our daily life in certain instruments. Every cable using for doing the same work but the difference is their quality and efficiency.

If still you have any doubt please comment below box I try to solve your problem our next post.

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