What is computer network and its types?

What is computer network?

A computer network is a group of multiple computers they are connected to share multiple resources through the internet. Computer networks are the main power of communication and technology world.

Second definition:-

A computer network is a network where two or more computer is connected to share the information and other data. This network connection is mainly occurring with the help of today’s advanced technology.

Computer network-related information:

Mainly this network connection is made with the help of several technologies as, Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi is the example of wireless communication system.

Here we define some data that are used for sharing:

  1. Share files.
  2. Software and other applications.
  3. Share operating system.
  4. Gave command to an external device via wired or wireless like printer and scanner.
  5. Share the internet connection to other devices that have not through wired or wireless.

Types of computer Network connection:

For different purposes different connections are used to share data from one place to their place.

Computer networks Topologies:

Computer Network generally works on topologies. By this typology connection all computers are connected to each other in a way.

Topology of computer network:

  1. Star Topology
  2. Bus topology
  3. Ring topology

Types of computer network

A computer network is mainly these four types:

  1. LAN ( Local Area Network)
  2. WAN ( Wide Area Network)
  3. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network )
  4. PAN  (Personal Are Network)

Here some other network types are also defined:

  1. HAN ( Home Area Networks)
  2. BBN ( Backbone Networks )
  3. GAN (Global Area Networks)
  4. Campus network
  5. Enterprise Private Network
  6. Internet works

Here we define one by one all these points:-

Star Topology

A star topology is the way of network connection, in this topology the entire computer all connected to each other independently with the origin of the computer.

Start topology used a lot of cables for connection because every new user has a different connection from the origin.

If the service of a single user is broken then other computer user works their system without any problem because the entire user works or connected independently to the source of the network.

star topology
star topology

Bus Topology

Bus topology is another type of computer network connection; this connection is different from the Ring topology and star topology.

In Bus topology a single cable is connected to all of the user’s systems. If the cable is broken then nobody is using the connection because all the computers are working with the same cable.

The single benefit of this connection is that the uses if a wire is minimal as compared to start topology.

bus topology
bus topology

Ring topology

Ring topology work like a ring, in this topology all the user are connected to each other and the first and last user connected to each other or source origin and make a ring.

This topology work like a circular loop or area.

ring topology
ring topology

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LAN, Local area network:

A local area network or LAN is working with a limited place such as one floor of the building, office and fixed computer Labs, schools etc.

Local area network works very efficiently and if any problem occurs in the connection then it solves easily. A local area network connection has connected the users with the help of wire of low rang wireless system by which all the computer users working.

Characteristics of LAN:

  • It is a private network
  • It is a very high-speed network as compare to WAN.
  • LAN connection is connected via several methods like wire or Ethernet or small rang wireless devices.

Advantages of LAN, Local Area network

  • You can easily share the data among all the computer users.
  • LAN is easy to manage because all the connections are established with a single place.
  • Data is transfer very easily with types of networks.
  • Multiple computers are connected with the help of a single cable.
  • The cost is very low.
  • Easy to manage f any problem occurs.
  • A single person is easily afforded this type of network.

Disadvantages of LAN

  • Privacy risk always occurs due to information passes from all the users.
  • The initial cost of buying the LAN network is very high.
  • Admin of the LAN network checks all the data of all users.
  • Hardware failure issues always occur. 

MAN (Metropolitan Are network)

A Metropolitan Are network or MAN is the upper level of the LAN.MAN network topology is work largest places ( In Kilometres ) such as a city, town, or a big campus or universities, single building.

Advantages of MAN:

  • It is a very high-speed network communication system.
  • MAN network also provides a different smaller area of a particular city.
  • Here data is transmitting both directions by dual bus.

Disadvantages of MAN:

  • MAN connection is always not secure from hackers. There is a need more powerful security for communication perfectly.
  • To provide the same network at other places in any city there is need more cables.

WAN (Wide Area Network) 

Wide area network or wan is work on the largest places. WAN network is generally a connection of different LAN services when these LAN services have come together than a WAN network build.

Advantages of WAN:

  • The first big advantage is that it covers a large area.
  • You communicate a lot of distance from your business offices easily.
  • If any problem occurs then it easily shutout.

Disadvantages of WAN

  • Maintain cost is very high.
  • Very difficult to overcome a problem and maintenance.
  • Due to uses different technologies several types of errors occur continuously.
  • The security risk is very high.

PAN ( Personal Area Network )

Personal Area network is generally nothing, it is a connection for a single person’s mobile phone computer and other digital gadgets. PAN is a way to connect these little things to a network.

Advantages of PAN:

  • PAN network is very useful for a single person for its digital gadgets.
  • Pan is a highly secure network from others.
  • This is the fee of hackers.
  • It works in small areas.

Disadvantages of PAN

  • The first drawback is there are range limit works.
  • The Limit area is covered.
  • Due to other network frequency a big disturbance is created and affects the speed of the network.

Here we define some important parts of this computer network system. If any problem occurs with this article please comment in the box below. 

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