What is the Definition of computer?

What is the Definition of computer?

A computer is an electronic, programmable, communication, and a technical device that is used to many sectors in the world e.g. educational, technical, scientific, robotic, calculating higher values

Definition of computer if fully depends upon the type of computer you are using. This line means there are many computers

Pc (personal computer)

Simple computer



Mini laptop


Chrome book

what is Pc (personal computer):

A personal computer is commonly used in our working places or houses. These are made only the basis of home requirements. Medium quality works are done by these types of computers.

what is Pc Supercomputers:

Supercomputers are used at a high level at big working Labs. These computers have a very high speed. when any work done at very higher levels then supercomputer work there.supercomputers is working generals big servers because there is a lot of work.

Here we define following topics:

  1. Definition of computer Hardware.
  2. Definition of computer Software.
  3. Definition of computer several types.
  4. Definition of computer processor.
  5. Definition of computer storage devices.
  6. Definition of computer motherboard.

Professor Charles Babbage’s developed the analytical engine of the computer.

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There are several definitions of computer according to its working quality because computer fulfils every sector in our surroundings.

Computer mainly works on two factors



These two points are completely defining it’s working. Hardware is the outer part or we can say them its body sometimes. But software is its internal parts, which is run on a computer hardware system.

The computer is working if we give any input by its input device and then based on the input it shows me output on the screen.

Computer stores data with the help of storage devices, this device is such as hard disk, compact disk, or any other external device.

Latest computer working on several technologies. Some computers are designed only for educational purposes but some computers are designed for higher working systems such as robotic activities etc.

Here we define the definition of computer and its related equipment’s definition.

Definition of Hardware:

Hardware is generally a physical structure of the computer under them all equipment bound like RAM, ROM, HARDDISK, MOTHERBOARD, PROCESSOR, COMPUTER EXTERNAL PORTS, etc.

All these devices are used for processing the data and sending and receiving the user input and output after processing.

Our output is generally fully based on our input, because without any input computer does not work. Suppose we want to play games in our pc then first we need to give the input to the system for paly the game after that we enjoy otherwise not.

Definition of Software:

 Software is a virtual object which is only seen but to touchable. Software work with the help of the hardware part of the computer. Without hardware computer software does not any mean.

We just called any application as software. There is no difference between software or application.

When any software is working in a computer system then we called then software. If the same application working in android or phone then we say them an application, this is the main difference between software and application.

Definition of Processor: processor working between input and output with the help of hardware and software. When any input is given by the user then after them it reaches the CPU or processor then, the processor decides which step is to take according to input and then it sends the commands to the software and hardware parts of the system for executing the input and converts them into the output.

This is the simple work of processor and we also say them a unique definition of a computer processor.

Definition of Motherboard:

The motherboard specifies by its name, al the computer parts are directly or indirectly connected with the motherboard. RAM, CPU, HARD DISK, PROCESSOR, and all other devices.

The motherboard provides a connection in a computer system/machine.

what is Storage devices:

The storage device is also a part of the computer system. All the documents and files stores in the storage devices e.g.: hard disk, compact disk, Rom, Ram, pen drive, and many other external devices.

Conclusion: I hope you understand all the parts of the computer and its related definitions. If now any doubt in your mind don’t hesitate to just comment into the below-given comment box we try to solve your query.

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